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Alfa Forni Kit Pizzaiolo (90cm)

Alfa Forni Kit Pizzaiolo (90cm)

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All the tools for making homemade pizza are included in the Alfa Kit Pizzaiolo that comes with accessories for baking pizza in a wood-burning oven as well as instruments for cooking any kind of food in any type of Alfa oven.

The Kit Pizzaiolo includes the new ALFA pizza peel set, the first extendable pizza peels in the world!
3 sizes available. All peels can be screwed and unscrewed as needed and given extra length with extensions.

The pizza peel designed by Alfa are the result of research by the R&D team lasting more than 1 year: the first extendable pizza peels in the world!

All the tools are food used certified and they are selected according to high quality standards.


The Kit Pizzaiolo is a careful selection of pizza-making tools whose main features are:

The Pizza Peel set with all the accessories to better manage your home oven and bake pizzas like a pro.
A huge range of pizza-making utensils such as the pizza dough box and the doughball peel, the infrared thermometer, the pizza cutter, the chopping board, the oven mitt, the apron and the Alfa cookbook.
∙ Compatible with all Alfa home ovens.

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Discover the Pizzaiolo Kit

Alfa Forni has analysed the functional characteristics of many pizza tools and accessories discovering why they are key to have high-quality cooking results in an easy and hassle-free way.

The Kit Pizzaiolo includes the Alfa pizza peel set that comprises 4 tools to master all stages of pizza cooking:

∙ The Alfa pizza peel in perforated aluminium to get rid of the extra flour with the company logo embossed.
∙ The turner peel to rotate pizzas in the oven.
∙ The ember rake to move the fire around the wood-burning oven.
∙ The brass bristle brush to scrub clean the refractory floor of the oven.

All these tools are made of high-quality stainless steel and are adjustableby screwing their extensions of 25 cm each to give them extra length.

The Pizza Peel Set is PROFESSIONAL

The pizza peel set is the perfect combination of technology, performance and design.

The pizza peel is perforated to get rid of the extra flour, just like professional pizza chefs do.

The pizza peel is used to slide pizzas in and out of the oven; a flick of the wrist and there you are!

The Pizza Peel Set is UNIVERSAL

The first extendable pizza peels in the world!

All peels can be screwed and unscrewed as needed and given extra length with extensions.

The best set of tools, for the best pizza chef

The Alfa Kit Pizzaiolo is the best selection of pizza tools that you can find on the market as it includes many first-rate accessories that will allow you to immerse yourself in the fabulous world of the “arte bianca” (bakery and pizza making) by fully exploiting the great performances of our home pizza ovens.

  • Turner Peel

    You can use the round pizza peel to rotate pies in the oven. Never mind, with some practice you will quickly become a pizza-meister!

  • Brush Peel

    The brush comes with brass bristles for better cleaning without damaging the oven floor.

  • Rake Peel

    The ember rake allows you to prepare the cooking floor and to move ash, embers and burning wood safely to the oven sides.

  • Pizza Cutter

    Pastry cutter, with ergonomic handle and stainless steel blade, perfect for a clean cut of the dough.

  • Pizza Dough Ball Peel

    Asymmetrical small paddle for dough balls to simplify handling the dough balls.

  • Pizza Dough Box

    The dough ball box guarantees the proper air conditions and maximum hygiene for the rising process. Suitable for any home refrigerator – 40x30cm (inch 15.7 x 11.8).

  • Infrared Thermometer

    The infrared thermometer allows you to read the temperature on all points of the oven floor in order to bake at the right time.

  • Wooden Chopping Board

    With the spruce chopping board processed for food products, it is possible to follow the furrows in order to cut the pizza in equal parts.

  • Cookbook

    In the cookbook there are lots of recipes to cook in your wood fired oven. The recipes are made by the ALFA cookers.

  • Oven Mitt

    The heat-resistant glove in 100% cotton bouclé continuous filament is ideal to safely use the hot parts of the wood-fired oven.

  • Alfa Apron

    With the ALFA apron, any chef will be recognized.

The Alfa Kit Pizzaiolo packaging measures 50 x 36 x 7 cm and contains: 

∙ 1 perforated, semi-professional, aluminium peel head
∙ 1 stainless-steel, round peel head
∙ 1 stainless-steel ember rake head
∙ 1 brass bristle brush head
∙ 4 anodised aluminium, anti-slip, tubular Duroplast handles
∙ 8 anodised aluminium extensions
∙ 1 pizza cutter
∙ 1 pizza doughball peel
∙ 1 pizza dough box
∙ 1 infrared thermometer
∙ 1 wooden chopping board
∙ 1 apron
1 oven mitt.
1 Alfa cookbook.