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Alfa Forni One Base (Black)

Alfa Forni One Base (Black)

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Do you have a small terrace and you don’t really know how to put your oven? Alfa gives you the solution.

The new oven base, available for the wood and gas-fired version, will be packed in a cardboard box so that it can be easily transported in your car. 


∙ Panel to hide the gas bottle or Wood holder panel
∙ Epoxy resin, anthracite handle
∙ 4 professional casters with brakes
∙ It weighs as little as 25 kg
∙ Handy packaging for an easy transport

Quick Assemble Guide

Assembling the base is quick and simple:

Step 1: Screw the 4 legs to the table top
Step 2: Attach the 4 casters,
Step 3: Place the oven on top and fix the 4 feet to the base

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