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Alfa Forni BBQ 500 D37 3-piece Meat Kit

Alfa Forni BBQ 500 D37 3-piece Meat Kit

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Barbecuing has never been so easy and…juicy!

With BBQ 500, your oven turns into a barbecue hitting 500°C.

Maximum temperature: 1,000°C

Compatible with: all Alfa wood and gas-fired ovens (except Forno One)

BBQ buffs will find out how easy it is to control the heat while you are cooking.

“BBQ 500” converts your Alfa wood or gas-burning oven into a barbecue with enough power and control to cook over the flame or embers and to grill more quickly or more slowly with the door closed. Use the door to impart extra smoky flavour to your dishes and keep the meat juicy and tender.

Try Alfa ovens for two methods of cooking:

  • Open-door direct cooking: it means placing the food directly over the embers at high temperatures. It is suitable for small meat cuts and exploits the Maillard reaction to deliver deliciously browned food that literally melts in your mouth.

  • Closed-door indirect cooking: in this case, the meat is placed to the side of the fire and is baked at a moderate temperature for a long time.

What's inside?

1. The pan that contains the hot embers and serves as a support.
2. The rotary grill on which the food is placed rests on the pan.
3. The tongs for grasping and turning the grill to ensure even cooking without burning yourself.


∙ Flexible cooking with unparalleled results made possible by combining different baking modes.
∙ Cooking is easier with the rotary grill and tongs.
Can be used in both wood-fired and gas-fired ovens.
∙ Compatible with all Alfa home ovens.
∙ Can withstand very high temperatures
(up to 1 000 °C).
∙ No more smoking nuisances for neighbours and guests thanks to the action of the chimney flue.

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Discover BBQ 500

The combination of different cooking methods allows you to barbecue in an Alfa oven without having to buy a special appliance.

BBQ 500 is compatible with all our home wood and gas-fired ovens (but the ONE).The steel grill can withstand temperatures up to 1 000 °C. You can choose how to bake: by placing the food over the embers for faster cooking or putting it to the side for a slower, more even baking. 

By opening the oven door, you can increase the circulation of hot air (convection cooking) and by closing it, you can reproduce the traditional BBQ process (slower and richer in smoky flavour).

Below, a short list of its main benefits:

∙ Blending two different sources of heat makes for meat cooked on point, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
∙ With Alfa steel ovens, it only takes a few minutes to have enough fire and embers to start grilling.
∙ Seize the grill with the tongs to rotate it and move it to the hottest parts of the oven, keeping your hands out of harm’s way.
The pitmaster does not run the risk of having clothes smelling of smoke becausethe chimney flue pushes it upwards.
Alfa steel ovens are highly insulatedand stay cool on the outside even when the internal temperature exceeds 500 °C.

BBQ 500 is the kit for the Alfa oven to make your cooking extraordinary.